heart attack anatomy

heart attack anatomy (Photo credit: gandhiji40)

February is not only known for Valentine’s Day. It’s also American Heart Month. For you baby boomer guys and gals (and men and women of all ages), it’s time to brush up on the warning signs of a heart attack.

There is an informative article in Medical News Today, written by Kelly Fitzgerald, that examines the signs of a heart attack, and you might just be surprised.

The article suggests that a heart attack does not necessarily mean a stabbing, crushing, horrible chest sensation. In fact, you may experience mild symptoms at first…with little pain. That’s why it’s important to learn the warning signs.

The article also links to another Medical News Today article on how blueberries and strawberries may reduce a women’s risk of heart attack. By the way, women can experience slightly different symptoms. No, heart attacks don’t just happen to men.

It’s also important to call 911 immediately, if you feel symptoms, and have a friend or family member drive you to the hospital.  Too many people have made the potentially fatal mistake of assuming sudden chest pain is the result of one too many burritos.