A "home-cooked" hot dog with mayonna...

A “home-cooked” hot dog with mayonnaise, onion, and pickle-relish (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I  hope all of you are following your New Year’s Resolutions. It can be hard! I, for one, need to lose a pile of weight. So far, so good. I just finished my first week on Weight Watchers. I’ll keep you updated. But for a lot of fellow baby boomers, there are too many tempting food choices when your stomach starts rumbling with hunger. Webmd has a colorful, entertaining slide slow that shows many of these foods, and offers some healthier alternatives.

For instance, the slideshow points out that chips can have 160 calories per serving; they suggest fat-free popcorn as an alternative. The slide show also points out that doughnuts, ice cream, fatty red meat, super-size fries, beer and hot dogs can pack on the weight. Yes, I know it takes plenty of discipline, but there are lower-fat alternatives to many of these yummy products.

If you’re doing well on your New Year’s Resolutions, keep up the good work!