tomatoes pictureI am going to share with you foods that men should be eating as part of their meal regimen on a daily basis. These foods have substantial benefits for men as you will see. I am also going to share with you some foods you may or may not have been eating in your regular diet but should consider adding because of their great health benefits.

Tomatoes: The red tomatoes are the best because they are full of the antioxidant lycopene. There are many studies that make it clear that lycopene can decrease many risks such as prostate, lung, bladder, stomach, and skin cancers. It can also help to reduce risks associated with coronary artery disease.
Yogurt: Make sure when you are buying yogurt that it says “live and active cultures” since these are the yogurts that are probiotic. Probiotic organisms strengthen the good bacteria in your body and strengthen your immune system which protect against cancer.
Spinach: It may not look like much but this is one of the ultimate man foods. A rich source of folate and plant-based omega-3s, it helps reduce risks of osteoporosis, heart disease, and strokes. It is well-known in weight training circles as a biceps builder because it is jam-packed with lutein which is a compound that wards off age-related macular degeneration.
Black Beans: We all know that beans are good for your heart but did you know that black beans boost your brain power? That’s because they contain anthocyanins that are antioxidant compounds which improve brain function.
Blueberries: Who hasn’t heard about the benefits of blueberries as an antioxidant fighting for us to ward off diabetes, cancer, and age-related memory issues? They have earned the nickname “brain berry” because of these benefits. They are rich in fiber and vitamins A and C also which helps to boost cardiovascular health.
Carrots: Low in calories and easy to prepare, carrots are a great source of carotenoids, a fat-soluble compound which helps in reducing the risk of and the severity of rheumatoid arthritis and asthma. They are also linked in reducing a variety of cancers. Most of the orange, yellow, and red vegetables and fruits contain carotenoids as well.
Oats: We have all heard the commercials that laud the benefits of oats and as well they should. They are full of soluble fiber and have 10 grams of protein for each half cup serving. They are loaded with carbs and deliver muscle-building energy because those sugars are released so slowly because of all the fiber. Oats have been shown to greatly lower the risk of heart disease.
Walnuts: I will bet you did not know that walnuts had more heart-healthy omega-3s than salmon and have more anti-inflammatory polyphenols than red wine. They also give you about half as much protein for muscle building as chicken. No other nut has as many benefits as the walnut.

Here are some other super foods to consider as well:
·    Cabbage – Boosts cancer fighting enzymes, neutralizes cell damaging free radicals
·    Beets –Lowers risks of heart disease and can protects your arteries
·    Guava – Fights prostate cancer and full of fiber
·    Swiss Chard – Protects your retinas
·    Cinnamon – Controls blood sugar which in turn helps to fight heart disease
·    Pomegranate Juice –Lowers blood pressure and improves blood flow to your heart, also provides fifty percent of your vitamin C needs
·    Dried Plums – Fight cancer causing structural damage to your cells
·    Pumpkin Seeds – Full of magnesium which is important to men because it has been recently determined that men with the highest level of magnesium have a forty percent lower risk of early death.

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