I have been a bit slow in updating this blog lately. I have had a number of newspaper writing assignments. But things are getting back to normal. Throughout this blog, I have updated you on my prostate cancer. A couple of holiday seasons ago, I wrapped up radiation treatment. My cancer was caught at an early stage, so I had a choice between surgery (removal of the prostate) and radiation. I just finished another PSA test. The number is 1.17, down a tad from four months ago. My radiation oncologist is pleased, but I will need to monitor my PSA every six months. With cancer, you need constant check-ups, because cancer can always grow. I hope men reading this blog will follow their doctor’s directions on when to begin cancer screening.

You read a lot about prostate cancer and PSA testing. There are a variety of opinions out there. In my opinion, the best advice is to start discussing prostate issues with your doctor at an early age and let your doctor know if prostate cancer runs in your family.

Your doctor will suggest a good time to begin screening. Men procrastinate. That’s a main focus of this blog. So guys, get on the phone and schedule a visit with your doc.