This is a health and wellness blog that focuses on baby boomer men, but for a fun change of pace, enjoy this guest post from Lyndsi Decker.

Are you a husband who wants to do something loving and helpful for your wife? Are you looking for ideas to surprise your wife on an ordinary day? Do you want your wife to know that you appreciate all she does for you and your family?

If you are ready to surprise your wife with a helpful, loving gift, then follow this quick and easy guide listing the top five most helpful gifts you can give your wife. Do not wait for a special occasion! Your wife is special enough to do these tasks for her any day of the week.

1) Cook Dinner and Clean the Kitchen

Does your wife normally cook the meals at your house? Does she also wash the dishes? Surprise her one night by cooking a meal for the entire family. Call her that morning and tell her to take the night off. Prepare the meal, set the table, and clean the kitchen from top to bottom once dinner is over. While you cook and clean, tell her to relax.

2) Wash Her Car

Get up early on a Saturday morning and wash your wife’s car. Make sure to dry it and wax it thoroughly. Once she is awake and ready, toss her the keys and tell her you will watch the kids while she goes wherever she would like to go for the day.

3) Organize a Closet or Garage

Is your house filled with clutter? Do you have closets that are overflowing? Is your garage disorganized and filled with junk? Do your wife a great favor and spend a few hours cleaning out the closets or garage. Organize the clutter and take unneeded items to a local donation center.

4) Make the Bed

Surprise your wife by making the bed every morning for a week. Start off the week by changing the sheets and washing the old ones. Fluff her pillow a little extra.

5) Mow the Lawn

Make the lawn and shrubbery around your house look well-groomed and beautiful. Mow the grass and clip the shrubs. Rake the leaves and plant new flowers. Add a little aesthetic artistry to your front or back yard. Create an oasis that the two of you can enjoy together. Add a charming wooden park bench into the mix and invite her to come outside and sit with you once you have finished your project.


Author Bio

Lyndsi and her husband are entrepreneurs and work with self storage Santa Maria and storage units Greenville. In her free time she enjoys cooking and walking her dog.