You don’t have to be a baby boomer guy to notice that the world is getting a lot more hectic. It’s hard to juggle our job responsibilities with our personal life. For those looking for a job in this sluggish economy, stress levels are high. We spend far too much time keeping track of emails and text messages. How do we relax and take life a bit more easily?

A doctor, who practices psychology and teaches meditation using EEG Biofeedback, has written a book titled, Live Like a Window, Work Like a Mirror: Enlightenment and the Practice of Eternity Consciousness.

In an email interview with Men and Health: It’s a Guy Thing,  Dr. Mark Brown said, “It is sad to note that most indicators of happiness and contentment show that men and women are struggling to find both. This is true even if their financial, health and social circumstances are what we might think of as stable.” In the interview, Brown pointed out that focus is a problem. “In this age of high and varied stimulation, focus is drawn all over the place with usually only a temporary desired effect.”

Live Like a Window, Work Like a Mirror offers a chance for people to find a bit of contentment in the modern world. “It (his book) relates more to the era-less observations of brilliant people such as Buddha and Lao-Tzu, who provided instructions for finding contentment and serenity regardless of cultural conditions,” Brown said, pointing out that his book presents their views in a contemporary Western format.

Taking a look at the book’s intriguing title, Brown described living like a window: “Living like a window involves becoming the pure space that exists within the frame of an open window and then practicing simply observing everything that arises in one’s awareness, literally everything, and allowing it free and unfettered passage through that space. The idea is that if we are merely space, nothing that comes up can possibly attach to us to weigh our spirits down.”

Working like a mirror, on the other hand, involves “being a perfectly clear looking glass that can only reflect anyone and anything that shows up in front of it just as that person or that event is,” said Brown, adding that,  “This practice takes our fears and desires in all of their expressions out of the relationship.”

Brown’s delightful book explores Ego. Brown observes, “We need to take time to be quiet and still, to remove our awareness from distraction, so that we can become facile non-reactors. Ego would prevent this if possible in order to keep the self going just as it is.”

Enlightened living, according to Brown,  involves tranquility, humility, non-attachment and unconditional love. Brown said, in the email interview, “They are eminently attainable if we know what they are and how to achieve them. My book lays out in detail what they are and how to go about manifesting them on a moment-to-moment basis.”

With help from this book, and a little practice, Brown said we can become serene and “not be distracted.”

Softcover, 194 pages, First Light Books, $16.95. Available at and can be ordered ordered from major bookstores.

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