We were all told, as children, to eat plenty of fruits and vegetables. But how many of the baby boomers among us, especially cancer survivors, are adhering to this advice?  As a prostate cancer patient, I want to make sure my cancer doesn’t return (I finished radiation treatments  over a year ago).  I have to admit that I have been sloppy in my eating habits in recent weeks.  I have also been letting up, a bit, in my weekly walking regimen.

After reading the following article by HealthDay reporter Jenifer Goodwin, I need to get back to the basics.

Goodwin points out in her article that eating healthful foods (fruits, veggies, whole grains and lean protein), getting plenty of exercise and maintaining a healthy weight may give you a better chance of living long-term with cancer.

The article is based on recommendations from the American Cancer Society.

I hope my fellow cancer survivors (those of baby boomer and all ages) can join me by getting on the bandwagon and getting serious about maintaining a healthful lifestyle.