One of the main points I try to stress on my Men and Health: It’s a Guy Thing blog is the need for baby boomers to get a colonoscopy. By clicking throughout this blog, you’ll find out how important, and potentially life saving, this procedure can be. It’s one of those cancers that can be prevented….with proper and timely testing. The idea is to catch a polyp (small growth in the colon) before it becomes potentially cancerous.

I underwent the procedure, around age 50, and am happy I did. When I finished the  procedure, I wondered why I worried so much. The day before is the rough part, because you drink a liquid that makes you spend all evening on the toilet…and I mean, pretty much, ALL evening.

March is colon cancer awareness month and before you drag your feet any longer, please watch the following video, launched by It’s a music video that will bring a smile to your face.

I hope this video takes a bit of the fear out of colonoscopies. When you’re finished watching the video, please forward to your friends or loved ones.