Scan of a Valentine greeting card dated 1909.

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It’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s time for the old Guy Thing blog to have a little fun… and figure out some of the mysteries involved in a relationship.

Men can be hard to read at times.  We may be guilty of hiding our emotions. Or perhaps we don’t show affection on a regular basis. Relationships are complicated, but a slide show provided by helps answers some of the mysteries.

The slide show examines 18 relationship secrets gathered from psychologists. You may wonder why men have a hard time saying, “I love you.” Is your guy really listening to you? Are men good at sharing thoughts and feelings?

You’ll learn a lot in this slide show. You’ll discover men like women to initiate sex. On the flip-side, guys aren’t always in the mood: too much stress and libido suffers.

Hope you enjoy this slide show. I hope it answers a lot of your questions. Happy Valentine’s Day.