I am writing this post on the second day of the new year, 2012. Here in the United States, home television sets are tuned to football bowl games. At the moment, the Oregon Ducks (my home state) are battling Wisconsin in one of the most famous sporting events in this country…the Rose Bowl in Southern California.

Being that this is a baby boomer health and wellness blog, I thought it would be a good idea to review some of the top health stories of 2011. As much as I try, it’s hard to keep up on every health and wellness issue. But with the help of HealthDay.com, you’ll have a chance to catch up on news I may have missed.

This article, by HealthDay reporter E.J. Mundell, explores significant issues affecting Americans, from the controversial Health Care Reform Law (with the individual mandate clause requiring Americans to purchase health insurance) to fears that cell phone use could lead to brain cancer. The article briefly touches on news about PSA blood tests.

I hope you’ll enjoy this HealthDay article and stay interested in health news affecting not only baby boomers, but men and women of all ages.

Enjoy the bowl games this season….and please drive safely!