As we wrap up 2011 and get ready for the new year, it’s heartening to know that step-by-step, chunk-by-chunk, the ugly disease of cancer is becoming less lethal and more manageable.

Of course there are still cases that reveal cancer found at the metastatic, incurable stage, but thanks to cancer research, early detection, better therapies and the study of genetics, many people are living longer lives after being diagnosed with cancer, a disease that causes cells to multiply and get out of control.

Four decades ago, President Richard Nixon signed the National Cancer Act, which declared a war on cancer. As pointed out in the following article by HealthDay reporter Amanda Gardner, Dr. Raymond N. DuBois Jr., said, “Back at that time point (when Congress passed the act) cancer essentially was a death sentence.”

Having prostate cancer myself, I am happy that more men (you baby boomers out there!) are getting screened for prostate cancer. Throughout this blog, I have posted articles relating to this disease (as well as my experiences) and when to get screened. Every man needs to start a dialogue with his doctor about prostate issues.

Let’s hope the war on cancer intensifies as we move through 2012.