Many people fail to realize how important the liver is. When you consider that more than 3 percent of the population have serious liver conditions like cirrhosis and hepatitis, it can add up to early death for many in our country – especially if they ignore the signs. They may end up paying that ultimate price.

Hepatitis is a liver disease causing inflammation of the liver that can occur from a deadly virus, obesity or diabetes – and if gone untreated, can easily turn into cirrhosis.

There are of course other factors that contribute to unhealthy liver conditions where hepatitis could develop, including emotional problems like anger issues, alcohol abuse, drug abuse, bad water consumption and other toxic intake consequences.

The good news is no one has to continue a lifestyle that will perpetuate an unhealthy liver condition. We can make positive changes to avoid early death.

In my lectures and liver health seminars I give helpful tips for taking care of the liver and getting over hepatitis. No matter how many things I did on my personal journey, I realized that attitude is the determining factor. Here are some easy pointers to remember:

Exercise and drink plenty of structured or spring water – these two things go together for a one-two punch to get your body into high gear, taking action and responding to building your immunity strength.

Milk thistle – I found, is important to help the liver detoxify. One thing that is very interesting is even in higher doses, milk thistle is not dangerous and it seems to help the liver regenerate.

Quit drinking – for optimum liver health, this is necessary. I don’t know of anyone who recovered from hepatitis that continued to drink. I started going to AA and it really helped.

Release anger – the liver is the emotional seat of anger. Work on relieving all anger and resentment issues in your life. Get into forgiveness work. Anger and resentments are stored in the liver and your disease will not be resolved until you get rid of them.

Self-forgiveness – this seems to be one common obstacle to overcome in particular cases where hepatitis is a problem. If you have the disease, the most important thing to understand is there was a reason you contracted the disease in the first place. Self-forgiveness taught me a valuable lesson. Come to a resolution and move on to a healthier way of being and forgiveness.

Quercetin – has shown promise to many suffering from hepatitis. Even once sufferers get on the conventional treatments, quercetin can enhance the body’s ability to activate its immunity response.

We all have choices to make in everyday life. I chose to live and not die young. You too have the same choice. Humans have an in-born desire to continue living, even when facing incredible odds. I used this desire to fuel my determination to beat this disease… and so can you – if you do your research. It’ll show how many chances you really have. Remember: your attitude is the determining factor. I learned this the hard way!

Because of my extensive experience growing up in my father’s medical clinic and work as the chairman of an analysis laboratory for over 8 years, combined with my professional experience and expertise in the nutritional and whole food supplement industry for over 24 years, I have accumulated a reasonable understanding of nutrition and healing for the human body. My natural recovery from hepatitis A, B and C has brought me into particular focus to develop good liver health. My goal is to help the world achieve healthy livers.

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with that first step.” Take that step. Find those choices like I did to overcome hepatitis C. Let my story inspire your soul to do the same. So that, you too, can look back and say: It looked as though there was no hope, but I would not give up.

Today my doctors are amazed to find that I now have the liver of a twenty-year-old!

Johnny Delirious holds a Masters Degree in Natural Health, with an emphasis on Nutrition & Wellness Modalities from Clayton College of Natural Health, Birmingham, Al and is a Ph.D. candidate at the same college. He currently lives in Texas and enjoys a fruitful and healthy life. Learn more at Contact Johnny at

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