Prostate cancer is a topic I like to bring up regularly on this blog. Two reasons: I want men to get screened for prostate cancer. And I like to share my first-hand knowledge of the disease. After being diagnosed with cancer of the prostate (at a relatively younger age — mid-50s), I chose radiation therapy. My PSA level went from a high of 8-something to a much lower 1.5. My radiation oncologist was satisfied with the PSA result and told me there’s a very high probability the radiation did the trick.

Just the same, I have a very healthy respect for cancer and know it can always return and bite you hard. That’s why I will need to continue PSA blood tests for the rest of my life. If my PSA goes up in the future, I’ll have to consider other treatment options.

The following is a great article by Jeff Axtell in the Arizona Daily Sun in Flagstaff. Axtell reviews some prostate cancer facts and figures. This is a great read for any guy, baby boomer or otherwise. After all, one in six men will get prostate cancer.

Depending on where you live, there may be free prostate screenings during prostate cancer awareness month, so check with your local health authority.