As a baby boomer, you know the feeling. Your arms and legs ache a little more. A quick run to catch the city bus convinces you you’re not young anymore. Now comes evidence that exercise can help you cope with some of those inevitable physical symptoms associating with aging.

In the New York Times online, Amanda Mascarelli quotes numerous authorities, including Jim Hagberg, professor of kinesiology at the University of Maryland at College Park, who suggest that if you maintain an appropriate lifestyle, you may not need to experience what we consider the normal effects of aging.

Among the findings in the article: Physical activity can help offset the loss of motor neurons; these neurons start to die off after age 60. The article suggests that as motor neurons die, muscles get weaker.

Mascarelli’s article also touches on something called maximal oxygen consumption and offers advice concerning artery health and wear and tear in joints. My hope is this article will provide encouragement for younger and older boomers who want to start or resume an exercise program.