OK, we giggle when see those erectile dysfunction medication commercials. An erection lasting more than four hours? What do we do? Do we brag or call the doctor? Actually, ED is an embarrassing problem that can lead to a break-down in marital communications.

Webmd has an article by Peter Jaret that provides valuable advice for men and women facing this threat to intimacy:


The article quotes Brian Zamboni, a clinical psychologist at the University of Minnesota and California sex therapist Louanne Cole Weston. Before you get into panic mode, consider some of the great pieces of advice in this article, such as the need to find a comfortable way to approach the subject and, in some cases, taking a break from sex to focus on emotional intimacy.

The best piece of advice is to bring up the subject with your doctor. There are physical causes of ED, such as heart disease and diabetes. There’s also a great many treatment choices,  including medication and, in more challenging cases, penile implants.

While it’s way too easy to chuckle at Viagra, Cialis and Levitra ads, ED is a terribly frustrating condition. But there’s never a need to push the panic button. If the problem is not caused by stress, anger or anxiety, your doctor can offer treatment suggestions and start you on the road to a much more fulfilling sex life.