Not too many years ago, more men were being diagnosed with advanced, perhaps incurable, prostate cancer. This was before the PSA blood test. Perhaps the only clue of a problem was some prostate symptoms. In recent  years, with effective prostate cancer screening, more men are being diagnosed with treatable, early-stage disease.

There’s a great article by Harry Jackson Jr. in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch that quotes doctors in the field. For instance, Dr. Arnold Bullock, a urologist with the Center for Advanced Medicine at Barnes-Jewish Hospital, says more treatments are tailored to the individual. This compares with an era when treatment was more of a “one size fits all.”

Doctors, according to the article, say that after surgery, man no longer experience weeks of uncomfortable side effects; 80 to 90 percent of men can expect to be back to normal after prostate cancer.

Overall, says the article, it’s getting easier to cure the disease or manage it long-term.

If you’re a man, you need to discuss prostate health, including cancer, with your physician.¬† Urologists can suggest a treatment plan, based on the aggressiveness of the tumor. And, in many cases, you’ll have plenty of time to discuss treatment options with your doctor and family.

Cancer screening can help spot an early stage prostate cancer, before it has spread and becomes incurable. A heart-to-heart talk with your doc is vital.