We’ve all heard of the symptoms of menopause in women. Among them: Hot flashes, night sweats and increased anxiety. It’s natural for women to experience the “change of life.”

Men also experience a “change of life.” Some call it male menopause. In reality, it’s more of a mid-life transition. And it doesn’t have the physical symptoms of the female variety.

At Webmd, Kathleen Doheny writes that it may be better to refer to male menopause as a mid-life transition, not a crisis.  The article says women and men experience different characteristics.  Men generally feel this “change of life” from about age 37 through their 50s.


Of particular importance is depression. Men can experience this disorder after a significant life event, such as turning 40 or 50. The article points out some of the signs of depression, a condition that can be helped by talk therapy and/or medications.

If you’re a guy and you experience male menopause by buying a new car or getting back in the dating scene,  you’re probably handling it well. If you start getting depressed, see your doctor. Help is always available.