This is a health, not a financial blog. Just the same, it appears rough economic news can affect your health. You crack open a newspaper and you see the Dow Jones on a roller-coaster ride. Do I invest in Wall Street, or do I start buying gold? Many people felt jittery after the credit rating of the United States was downgraded by Standard and Poor’s.

As a health blogger, I’m not in a position to tell you how to invest your money. I also have no clue as to when our economy will improve, but an article on sparked my interest. Reporter Amanda Gardner writes that mental health experts say we may experience fear, uncertainty, anxiety and anger because of the gloomy state of the economy.

If you find yourself bombarded by cable television financial news coverage, this article suggests some ways you can chill out.  The solution may be as simple as turning the channel to the Food Network.  Hey, nothing wrong with the Food Channel. In fact, I enjoy it!

I hope the HealthDay article can help you stay calm during this financial mess.