T-bone steak (cooking)

Image by lynac via Flickr

Summer is a chance to unwind and take the family on an outing. It’s also a chance to find the closest lake and soak in the sun. For some reason, summer presents us with a multitude of bad food choices.

To illustrate the problem, Webmd has developed a slide show showing some of the most fattening foods that can temp us during the hot-weather season.

After viewing the slide show, you’ll find out that a 20 ounce T-bone steak served down the street at your neighbor’s barbecue is loaded with 124 grams of fat!  Be aware of dogs and brats sold at the ball field. They’re full of sodium. Even frozen treats don’t escape scrutiny.  Ice cream and milkshakes are full of calories and, for adult tastes, a daiquiri will run you 300 to 800 calories.

Don’t despair. This Webmd feature offers many healthier choices, whether you’re at a picnic or enjoying family at the annual reunion.