If you are anything like me, maybe high-impact exercise isn’t your cup of tea. Especially since I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that I enjoy the more laid-back, simpler forms of physical activity, from light jogging to swimming to golf, etc. After having recently taken up yoga as my new hobby, I can say without hesitation that it has improved nearly every aspect of my being, both physical and mental. If you aren’t convinced, here are a few reasons to take up yoga.

1. It’s good for all ages.
By the time we get over that proverbial hill, we can’t quite do the things we used to be able to do with ease. The great thing about yoga is that you’re never too old to start. Yoga improves your flexibility in a very relaxing way, but it can be just as challenging as you need it to be. As such, the practice of yoga can be adjusted for various skill levels and ages, so if you want your children, grandchildren or younger friends and relatives to partner up with you, it’s easy!
2. It improves your strength, posture, and flexibility.
These are the main physical benefits to be derived from taking up yoga on a consistent basis. And unlike many forms of exercise, with yoga you begin to feel the benefits only after a few weeks. Instead of lifting weights and paying a fortune in gym fees to participate in activities that can worsen your joints and tendons, why not do yoga—an exercise that efficiently builds your muscles, improves your joint range of motion, and in so doing, alleviates stiffness and fatigue?
3. You’ll be amazed at how your ability to concentrate and relax improves.
Yoga is lauded just as much for its mental health benefits as for its physical benefits. In fact, the reason I first begun yoga was because I had been suffering from chronic stress and it was recommended to me by my doctor. I was amazed by how the benefits of yoga extended beyond just my hour long session a few times a week. I noticed that I could control my breath, a primary skill learned in yoga, to help me relax throughout the day, when the going got especially tough at work. It also improved my ability to concentrate at least three-fold. As someone who was diagnosed with ADHD when I was young, yoga did more for my concentration than any drug I ever took.
4. There are tons of different variations to suit your personality and needs.
Yoga is very much like sex—there are so many different ways you can do it, so if you play your cards right, it never gets boring. If you want an intense workout, you can try Bikram Yoga, which is practiced in a hot room and moves quickly. There are tons of different styles out there, and for a quick overview of the most popular ones, check out this Life Hacker article.
If you aren’t yet convinced about giving yoga at least a shot, check out this extensive WebMD article that gives a more detailed explanation of all of yoga’s benefits.

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