I have very little in common with TV superstar Oprah Winfrey. Oprah is worth millions of dollars. I’m worth….well. Oprah has tens of millions of fans. My blog has tens of “tens” of fans. I hope my blog has more fans, but it’s really hard to know. I can relate with Oprah in one way: We both have a history of weight gain.

My weight gain happened in my late teens. Like Oprah, I have gained weight and lost weight over many years. It’s the classic “yo-yo” effect — gain weight, lose weight…gain weight, lose weight…gain weight, lose weight. Simply put, that routine, over many years, puts stress on the body.

Unfortunately, I’ve packed on pounds over the last several months. Perhaps it has been a reaction to my recent prostate cancer radiation treatment. But I know that stuffing your face is not the way to handle life’s stressful events.

Beginning this week, I’m going to head back to the gym for upper body workouts. I’ve arranged to have a trainer help me develop a set of exercises. I’m not worried about getting six-pack abs. I just want to get healthy as I enter my late 50s. In the early weeks of this blog, I remember posting about my weight room visits. It’s still in my blog archives….somethere.

Starting this week, it’s back to the basics. I look forward to giving you progress reports in the days, weeks and months ahead.