It makes you wonder if short-term memory really slips as you age or if it’s just that your mind becomes fuller so there isn’t room for day to day things. Actually, neither is true. If your short-term memory isn’t what it used to be, it’s because you’re not exercising your brain the way that you should. Like any other muscle in your body, your brain can easily get lazy, especially if you’re only requiring it to do the bare minimum on a daily basis.

Are you finding that you are having more and more days where you can’t remember if you turned the coffeemaker or where you put your car keys? Do you search violently for your reading glasses only to find they are on top of your head? Believe it or not, experts suggest that learning something new or engaging in an activity can sharpen your mind and remedy these concerns. Golf happens to cover both categories!

Contrary to the old wives tales you probably learned growing up, you do not push old information out of your brain when you learn something new! Therefore, you can rest assured that taking up a hobby like golf will provide only benefits.

Why Golf is Mental Exercise

The game of golf is not only a fun way to socialize and meet up with your friends, it encourages you to use your brain the entire time you’re on the course. An average game requires you to think about an array of different things and you need to constantly access stored information in your mind which helps keep it sharp. You need to think about:

* Lining your body up to the ball.
* Lining the face of your club up to the ball and the hole.
* Making sure that your body is also lined up properly to the hole.
* How high your back swing needs to be to hit the ball the distance you want it to go.
* Which club you should use.
* What direction the next hole is.
* How fast the green is and the direction of the slope.
* Keeping track and adding your score.

Now, that may seem like a lot to think about at first but once you play the game for awhile, it becomes second nature. However, that doesn’t mean that it’s any less effective. Research suggests that participating in a social hobby that exercises your mind not only improves your overall health but it can help prevent Alzheimer’s disease as well. Not to mention, individuals who engage in exercise, on average, have reduced risk for depression, sickness and require less medication.

Golf is an exciting hobby you can take up at any age. You don’t have to hit 300-yard drives to have fun, you just need to appreciate some fresh air, sunshine and good friends.

About the Author

Gordon Cherwoniak is an avid golfer who lives in Saskatoon, SK with his wife. He prides himself in always staying educated on tournaments and equipment so he has an idea for the best golf gift ideas for all of his friends. Gordon recently purchases a Big Bertha Diablo driver that has taken his game to a whole new level.