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This is a condition I may have. It’s called “White Coat Syndrome.” It’s when your blood pressure is super high when you’re being testing in the doctor’s office. Yet it’s normal during other times of the day. I have hypertension and I’ve been on medications for years. But I truly believe that my B.P. jumps when I’m in that little exam room, surrounded by syringes, handy wipes, tongue depressors and assorted high-tech medical gadgets.

HealthDay has a great piece on White Coat Syndrome. It’s worth reading and may prompt you to take several blood pressure readings a week. In fact, a home blood pressure monitoring unit is a great investment.

You need to keep up on your blood pressure monitoring. Check with your doctor. He or she may let you try diet and exercise to get the pressure down. If it’s super high, your doctor will want you to start on medications.