I love this picture of a sleeping cat. The kitty is probably dreaming about chasing a cat, a squirrel or a bird. I glance at this picture and wonder if human beings are getting the same amount of quality shut-eye time. Apparently not, according to the latest research.

An article by HealthDay reporter Steven Reinberg says more than a third of Americans get fewer than seven hours of sleep per night. It’s easy to dismiss this subject as somewhat light or amusing, but sleep deprivation can lead to poor work performance and, in extreme cases, traffic fatalities.

The article points out, “According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, drowsiness or nodding off while driving accounts for 1,550 deaths and 40 thousand injuries a year. ” Chronic sleep loss is also associated with obesity.

We are spending far too much time on the computer. I am 110 percent guilty of this. This blog, and some work I do for a local newspaper, requires quite a bit of computer time. Even so, I sometimes spend a little too much “down” time listening to my favorite tunes on YouTube. Hours go by and I may not get my eight hours of quality sleep.

We need to be more like cats (as seen in the above picture).