Throughout this blog, I have updated you on my journey with prostate cancer. I was diagnosed with the disease in September, 2008.  Since my cancer was found at an earlier stage, I decided to go with active surveillance. This meant a prostate exam (including PSA) every four months. After a couple of years, when the PSA started to climb, it was time for treatment. My urologist told me that, in my case, radiation would be as effective as surgery.

I picked external beam radiation over radiation seeds because my radiologist thought external beam would be more effective, considering the grade of my cancer and my Gleason score. It has been almost two months since my radiation wrapped up. I must say the experience was  positive and uplifting. I met terrific  doctors and radiation technicians. They all treated me with the utmost kindness. In fact, it got to a point where I could joke around with the staff.  Hey, you see somebody five days a week for eight or so weeks… you might as well exchange witty comments!  After the final session, my radiation doctor told me the sessions went well and I had a very good chance of surviving prostate cancer. This made me feel good, yet I still have a firm respect for cancer. It’s a tough opponent and sometimes cancer can come back and bite you in the rump.

The point I want to make is be sure to get your cancer screenings regularly, whether you’re a man or woman.  If you’re diagnosed with prostate cancer, take some time and discuss the disease with your urologist, primary care doctor and radiologist. In many cases, you’ll have plenty of time to get guidance. There’s no need for panic. Based on the grade, and extent, of your cancer, you may have several treatment options. Each has side effects, of course, but it sure beats putting off prostate cancer screening for years, then finding out you have an incurable form of the disease.

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