It’s way too early to pop the cork off the champagne bottle. Cancer is still lethal. Many look at cancer as the boogeyman of diseases and conditions. Cancer is a mighty foe. It has the strength of a heavyweight prize fighter. Yet research shows more people are living with this disease.

Government health officials say there are far more cancer survivors these days, as reported by Steven Reinberg, of HealthDay.

Reinberg’s article points to several reasons for the encouraging numbers: earlier diagnosis, better diagnostic methods, better treatment and more follow-up care. Yet the article suggests some cancers remain hard to detect early.

I don’t know if there is going to be a cure for cancer during my lifetime (I’m 56).  I’m neither a doctor nor a specialist, but I’m guessing it will take several more decades to come close to a cure. I hope it’s sooner. I wouldn’t be surprised if cancer (most, if not all forms) becomes more of a chronic disease, which can be treated and managed over one’s lifetime.  That might be the next step before an actual cure.

For now, live a healthful lifestyle and get your cancer screenings.