As a baby boomer guy, I don’t think a colonoscopy is my greatest worry. There are scarier things to ponder as one enters his or her 50s and 60s. Among them:  oh yes, mortality! Yet, quite a few boomers are putting off this potentially life-saving procedure.  The idea behind a colonoscopy is to catch a colon cancer in its earliest stages, when it’s most treatable. Generally, age 50 is when you need to get your first colon “scope.” There are exceptions to the “age 50 rule,”  as I’ve explained in prior posts on this blog.

An article on reveals that 70 percent of survey respondents (over age 50) registered fear of the procedure.

The article also points out that, of those who received a colonoscopy, the majority of survey respondents believed the bowel prep (the day before) was the worst part. I agree.

For this blog writer, the hospital procedure went well. I was either sound asleep or so sedated I  felt I was in a dream world. I can’t give you a 100 percent guarantee the procedure, itself, will be a breeze. But a good bet is you’ll get through it nicely, with your sense of humor intact. 

I didn’t like the prep the day before. I could only eat lemon gelatin…and believe me…that got tiring by nightfall. Oh yes, after drinking the laxative solution the night before, you might as well camp out in the bathroom.

Break that fear and go schedule a colonoscopy.