By Skip Lockwood, CEO of ZERO-The Project to End Prostate Cancer

Amid the din of college fight songs, political “discussions” and fantasy football drafts you may not have heard that September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and that scientists recently made an important and potentially game-changing discovery about prostate cancer – there are at least 24 different types of the disease.  If doctors can determine the lethal types from the lethargic, men and their families will be able to make better and more informed decisions about when and how they treat their cancer.

While this is a major step forward, it is a long time in coming.  Rather than taking small steps, men and their families need to be running headlong towards a cure for the second-leading cancer killer of men.  This year many men and their families are doing just that — by running or walking in one of the 14 Great Prostate Cancer Challenge/DASH FOR DAD races around the U.S.  These races, sponsored by Ferring Pharmaceuticals Inc., are part of the premier men’s health event in the country and are expected to gross more than $1 million for research, education, support, awareness, and early detection of prostate cancer.

As you consider which quarterback to start in fantasy, debate whether the PAC 10 or SEC is the stronger conference or the need to keep or scrap the BCS, take a moment to learn about the Great Prostate Cancer Challenge (  What you learn could save your life and will certainly help us put the best team on the field to beat prostate cancer.