Fast foods of FamilyMart

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OK, you’re a baby boomer guy. You’re content to drop by the local convenience market and wolf down a couple of hot dogs. Perhaps you’ve worked an overtime shift and you have no time for a nice, nutritious dinner. Some pepperoni sticks would do just fine.

A fast-food treat may be okay once in a great while, but health experts say you need wider and better food choices. Boomers, and men of all ages, need to review a great article by Webmd’s Kathleen Zelman. With the help of several health experts, Zelman describes 10 disease-fighting foods.

Zelman writes that certain foods can help maintain muscle mass and cut down the risk of prostate cancer. You may or may not enjoy feasting on oysters, bananas or broccoli, but this article is a must read for guys. We need to get more essential nutrients. Wise food choices can help cardiovascular health and improve erectile dysfunction.

Read this article, crumple up your old grocery list, and start fresh looking for nutritious and tasty food items.