Guys enjoy television and automobiles. What guy doesn’t like to get comfortable on the couch and watch baseball, basketball, football, soccer, or golf.  Also, men can’t seem to resist getting in the car or RV on a great-looking Saturday to tour the countryside.  After all, men, boomers included, need to unwind and de-stress.

A study by the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise suggests that too much sedentary activity can contribute to the risk of heart disease.  Gretchen Reynolds  has the story in the New York Times.

There’s an unsettling aspect to this study. Reynolds writes, Regular workout sessions do not appear to fully undo the effects of prolonged sitting.

That’s kind of scary news for guys, especially those who engage in daily exercise. The article points out the importance of breaking up sedentary moments by pacing, or changing a light bulb.

Food for thought for boomers, and men of all ages. We need to do a better job of breaking away from the boob tube.