If you’re on a diet, and successfully losing weight, good for you! But remember, the time will come when you’re invited to a restaurant. What will you do? Or more specifically, what will you eat? To help you prepare for such a moment,  Webmd has a great slide show offering tips on how to select more healthful meals.

In the slide show, Webmd serves up nine of the most fatty restaurant meals, courtesy of The Center for Science in the Public Interest.  Read and weep as you discover how many calories and how much  sodium and saturated fat is found in your favorite restaurant dish. 

This slide show warns about jumbo-sized meals and provides links to other articles, including “Movie Snacks: The Ugly Truth.”  That’s an article I need to read!

By the way, there’s great reading material at The Center for Science in the Public Interest’s website. They’re the group that publicized the high salt content in Chinese restaurant food and described the super-high fat content in movie popcorn.