This has been a rather strange week. Both coasts have been suffering through heat waves. In my neck of the woods, Portland, Oregon, the temperature reached 97 degrees today. You can really feel the heat in the Pacific Northwest. Luckily, the humidity out here is usually quite low.

On the east coast, the big cities have been broiling in temperatures that have flirted with the century mark. Add a bit of Northeast humidity, and it’s just nasty.

Wherever you live, and whatever your age, you need to be protected from hot weather.  The following article from provides valuable tips.  A related article from HealthDay gives details on how extreme heat  can be dangerous for children and senior citizens. These are must reads for all ages.

Also, be extremely careful in the water, whether you’re  boating or enjoying a dip in an area lake or river.  Follow the advice of safety and health officials.  Let’s make this a great and SAFE summer season.