I’ve mentioned it numerous times on this blog. Men tend to shy away from doctor visits.  Many men let symptoms slide; the result: they can be diagnosed with a life-theatening disease, such as cancer. 

The purpose of this post isn’t to make a boomer think that every scary symptom means he has six months to live. The idea is to get men (of all ages) to take notice of a strange symptom, and schedule a doctor visit. 

Kathleen Donehy of Webmd has a great article on cancer symptoms that men ignore. This is a must read for both men and women.

Cancer is no longer an automatic death sentence, but, unfortunately, some cancers are caught too late, when they can be fatal. The good news is that doctors and specialists have a tremendous array of screening tools that help detect cancer at an early stage, when treatment or cure is possible. It seems women are more hard-wired to follow-up on tests, such as mammograms and pap smears. Men need to pick up the pace; more importantly, men need to pick up the phone and call the doc.