By Jade Teta and Keoni Teta

Review by Scott Keith

Weight loss is all about counting calories and getting a sweaty workout at the neighborhood gym. Correct? That’s what we’ve been taught. But two men who studied biochemistry at North Carolina State University, who just happen to be brothers, have developed a weight loss regimen that focuses on fat-burning hormones.

Jade Teta and Keoni Teta have written The New Me Diet: Eat More, Work Out Less, and Actually Lose Weight While You Rest. In an interview with Men and Health: It’s a Guy Thing, Jade Teta says the two learned how hormones and foods interact. “One of the key things we learned is that fat loss and weight loss are not the same things,”says Teta. “People think a healthy diet equals a fat loss diet, and again, that’s not true.” The two set out to write a book, based on their clinical experiences, to help men and women notice real body change.

Looking back, “Keoni and I were involved in athletics as children, we always kind of had a love for movement. Our mother was a bit of a hippy and health-care nut, so she instilled that into us early on,” says Teta. After learning how food and hormones interact, the pair started noticing that their personal training clients were improving.

The Teta brothers, in their lively and enjoyable book, focus on the importance of losing fat, not muscle. Teta says that after about age 30, we start losing muscle mass. “For a long time, doctors thought that was a natural consequence of aging. But it turns out it’s a natural consequence of sitting on the couch and not eating the right things,” says Teta. “When that muscle disappears, you lose a major piece of your metabolic engine…muscle is a major source of hormonal metabolism. It actually releases hormones and is a catalyst by which you can release your own hormones, like growth hormone and testosterone.”

In The New Me Diet, the Teta brothers attempt to get people to understand their hormonal balance and how to get those hormones working better for them.

A key theme of the book is the Metabolic Effect. Teta says the ME is “the optimal state of hormonal function that leads to sustained fat loss and health,” noting that a healthy exercise program may not be the best way to burn fat. “When you exercise the correct way, and when you get this proper hormonal response, you will get an afterburn that can last up to 24 to 48 hours. This is based on studies by several different researchers.” Also, says Teta, you can burn fat for several hours if you eat the right food.

Before starting the diet, go to chapter 2 and take the Metabolic Effect Questionnaire. 18 questions will help determine if you’re a sugar burner, muscle burner or mixed burner. Based on these questions, “we teach people how to find their unique diet.” The Teta brothers introduce you to the Metabolic Spark workout, which combines interval training (a good way to stimulate hormones and burn calories) with weight training (for testosterone and growth-hormone production).

The New Me Diet offers a number of delicious muscle-building recipes; the recipes work well for busy people. “We’ve been doing this a long time. We use quick meals…quick ingredients.

Whether or not you decide to follow The New Me Diet, you’ll get a crash course on how your hormones work. “The way Keoni and I like to describe this is that every single time you eat, every single time you exercise, whether you choose to sleep appropriately or not, you’re releasing hormonal signals in your body that will determine whether you burn fat or store fat…literally you have the ability to control these sensations in your body. The Metabolic Effect is the key to that.”

Hardcover, 258 pages, $25.99, William Morrow, available at and wherever books are sold.