Over the last couple of years, I’ve tweaked my exercise pattern. I admit I’ve had weight gains and weight loses over this period of time. I’m not proud of this, but at least I keep up my daily walking. In fact, I’ve doubled my walking since March. I used to take a 30-minute walk daily. Now it’s two 30-minute walks per day. That’s close to six miles. No excuses!

Walking is essential for this writer. It helps me relax. Believe it or not, walking helps me stay focused on this blog. During my strolls, I think about article ideas, books to review, people to interview, ways to make this blog a bit more enjoyable for my readers.

Walking also helps lower my blood pressure. Now there’s evidence a vigorous walk may help guard against a condition known as  Metabolic Syndrome. Metabolic Syndrome is a serious of conditions, including excess abdominal weight, elevated blood pressure, and elevated blood glucose levels, that can lead to heart disease and diabetes. HealthDay writer Randy Dotinga reports on a study in The American Journal of Preventive Medicine.

Metabolic Syndrome is nothing to sneeze at. According to Dotinga’s article, over a third of United States adults are affected. No better time than now to  buy a pedometer and log the number of steps you take each day.

 To find out more about Metabolic Syndrome, visit the American Heart Association’s website.