By Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D., with Chrystle Fiedler

Review by Scott Keith

You’re settled into your office chair bright and early on a Monday morning. You’re trying to find some energy; after all, you’ve just completed a week-end of fun and leisure. Let’s face it, you’re just plain listless. A co-worker suddenly brightens the morning by delivering a box of fresh doughnuts. They’re all there: sugar doughnuts, powdered doughnuts, jelly-filled doughnuts, cake doughnuts and apple fritters. Perhaps you have the willpower to decline these treats. But if you depend on these bakery goodies daily, you may be addicted to sugar.

Dr. Jacob Teitelbaum, a leading integrative physician and medical director of the National Fibromyalgia and Fatigue Centers, has written a book that will let you know if your sweet tooth is getting too much of a workout. “Beat Sugar Addiction Now” describes sugar addiction and how you can lick the problem, feel better and drop pounds.

In his informative and fun-to-read 255-page book, Teitelbaum describes four types of sugar addiction: Type 1 describes people who are chronically exhausted and hooked on quick hits of caffeine and sugar. Teitelbaum describes sugar as the energy loan shark. About Type 2 sugar addiction, Teitelbaum writes, when your adrenals become overtaxed by stress, you reach for sugar to “pump them up.” This can lead to sugar addiction. In Type 3, yeast overgrowth occurs largely because of excessive sugar in your diet. Hormones play a roll in Type 4 sugar addiction: Deficiency of estrogen, progesterone, and/or testosterone in women can lead to sugar addiction because of insulin resistance, anxiety, and depression.

If you think you can skip over the first four chapters because you’re not sure where you fit in the equation…think again. You can’t escape that easily! Each sugar addiction has a quiz. Answer the questions and check your score. Once you determine your type of addiction, Teitelbaum’s book will guide you through a self-help program.

“Beat Sugar Addiction Now” offers solutions for each type of sugar addiction. For Type 1, Teutelbaum presents the “Shine Protocol.” Sleep. Optimize sleep and treat sleep disorders; Hormonal support. Hormones regulate your body’s functioning, including energy production and sugar cravings; Infections. Infections, including sinusitis and recurrent colds and flus, drain energy; Nutritional support. Use vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to heal your body and stop sugar cravings; Exercise. Walk (or do another type of exercise) for thirty to sixty minutes a day.

“I had been a long-time sugar addict, and when a nasty viral infection in 1975 triggered chronic fatigue syndrome, knocking me out of medical school and leaving me homeless most of the year, it caught my attention,” revealed Teitelbaum to Men and Health: It’s a Guy Thing. “I recovered, and spent the next 35 years specializing in treating chronic fatigue and pain – which made the scope of the sugar addiction problem obvious.” Inspired to write the book, Teitelbaum says, “What worked beautifully, though, was to determine the cause of each person’s sugar addiction type – and to treat that.”

Sugar addiction is a problem many can relate to. In his book, Teitelbaum writes, Food processors add 140 to 150 pounds (63.5 to 68 kg) of sugar per person to our diets each year. Another 18 percent of our calories come from white flour (which acts a lot like sugar in our bodies). It’s not surprising that we have become a nation of sugar addicts.

Teitelbaum’s book, with Chrystle Fiedler as a co-writer, illustrates that too much sugar consumption can lead to potentially serious health problems. “In the short term, excess sugar causes anxiety, depression, fatigue, pain and brain fog, in addition to weight gain,” says Teitelbaum. “In the long term, it’s associated with a markedly increased risk of diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease and possibly certain cancers.”

Even if you’re not hooked on sweets, “Beat Sugar Addiction Now” provides page after page of valuable health tips to help guide you to a healthier future. What’s Teitelbaum’s advice for the sugar addict or soon-to-be sugar addict? “Read the book, do the sugar quizzes to see your kind of addiction, go to a good high-protein breakfast and save the treats for dessert.”

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