Here is a trivia question for you: When did the expression “midlife crisis” come into being? Stumped? In 1965, Canadian psychologist Elliott Jaques came up with the term to describe a phase many men experience as they get closer to old age.

45 years later, it may be time to revisit the midlife crisis. These days, we are living longer. Instead of feeling blah, many people approaching age 50 switch careers or begin a fitness regimen. After all, there are many productive years ahead. provides a new perspective on the midlife crisis with a professor from Tel Aviv University’s Department of Psychology. Here is a question and answer session .

How is your midlife crisis? Or did you manage to escape it? I decided to switch gears in my early 50s. On my doctor’s orders, I started exercising and watching my calories. I also fell in love with writing. I took several freelance writing courses, started pitching article ideas to newspapers/magazines and created this blog. Where my writing takes me, I don’t have the slightest idea. But it’s rewarding, a great deal of fun and a positive way to tackle my midlife crisis, or more accurately, my midlife readjustment-realignment-redirection-retooling phase.