Does your home have a junk drawer? You know what I’m talking about. It’s the drawer by the silverware that contains rubber bands, wrapping tape, pencils, pens, pin cushions, screw drivers, two or three playing cards and several odds and ends.  I remember the junk drawer when I was growing up. It was fun rummaging through the drawer, but I always seemed to poke myself with a scissor.

Have you ever considered cleaning up the junk drawer? Fat chance! It has probably been that way for years, perhaps decades. But if you were to rearrange (tidy up) the junk drawer, you might lower your stress. has some tips on stress management.

Two thoughts after reading this piece from When it comes to clutter, I’ve noticed that when I take time to clean up, I feel better. Recently, I pulled out some of my furniture and did a thorough vacuum job. You wouldn’t believe how much dust accumulates at my apartment! I was pooped out, but I felt more relaxed lounging around in my apartment after my “Spring Cleaning.” Try it.

As for mass media, I have a hard time shutting off the TV and computer. In fact, if I’m to keep up on as many medical developments and trends as possible, I need access to the Internet, television and publications 24/7. But when I’m doing prep (blog) work online, at least I turn off the boob tube.