For most of us who get a colonoscopy, there’s a tiny audience. The doctor who performs the procedure and a few of his or her assistants. For CBS morning host Harry Smith, there was a nation-wide audience. Recently, the star of  “The Early Show” had the procedure, where a snake-like tube is inserted into the colon in an effort to catch a colorectal cancer before it becomes life-threatening.

The Los Angeles Times has a great piece  that includes a video of Smith’s procedure. If you’re a bit sqeamish, you may want to turn away when they show the interior of the colon. If you’re brave, you’ll see how amazing the technology is. This video is a must-see for baby boomers of both ages. You’ll hear about colorectal cancer statistics. This is one cancer that can really be nipped in the bud. But screening is essential. The idea is to catch a polyp before it has a chance to become cancerous.

Comforting Smith in the procedure is CBS anchor Katie Couric, who lost her husband to the disease several years ago. This blog has discussed colorectal cancer several times, but the video you’ll see is of vital importance. I hope the video inspires more people to get screened.