I have a tough time planning naps. It’s really odd.  If I know I could benefit from a lengthy nap (perhaps I’m facing a really long night shift), I can’t sleep even if you were to tempt me with a crisp 100 dollar bill.  On the flip side, if I’m settled in front of the television set a half-hour before I need to be at work, I can barely keep my eyes open. I feel as if I could fall asleep in a minute.

Now there’s evidence a good mid-day nap could boost your brain power and help you remember. Kathleen Doheny has the latest from Webmd.

It’s interesting that the study mentions a 90-minute nap. Who has the time for that? Perhaps a shorter snooze will do the trick.  Consider cats. They have no trouble snoozing throughout the day. Perhaps we should learn from our feline buddies.