If you’re experiencing a strange stomach disorder or an unusual back twinge, it’s not always convenient to hop on the expressway and take the off-ramp to your medical clinic.  In today’s “techie” world, all you have to do is whip out the laptop, find your favorite search engine, and scroll to your heart’s content.

One point I try to stress on this blog is how important it is to see your doctor. And, for some reason, many baby boomer guys, and men in general, won’t make the effort to visit a clinic, even if they’re experiencing significant pain. 

In these cases, the Internet is a valuable tool. Go to your search engine, type in a few key words, and you can find out if a growth on your arm is a significant concern. Reuters reports on researchers who say that over half of Americans surfed the web for health facts last year.

Trust me, I’ve spent many an hour online trying to pinpoint a troubling symptom. Cyberspace is a great resource for digging up information.  Just make sure you go to a trusted health site. Beware: Health surfing is a frustrating exercise and your nerves can get easily rattled. It seems nearly every symptom has a horrible cause. My advice is to keep things simple. If a symptom is bugging you, power off your computer and visit your doctor.