I don’t know why, but I’ve always preferred having my blood pressure checked at the doctor’s office. I know there are B.P. monitors at grocery stores, drug stores and shopping outlets, but I just don’t like putting my arm in those darned gizmos.

I have had hypertension, on and off, for the last several years. At times, I have taken medicine to control it. For the most part, my blood pressure will be normal if  I stay trim and exercise daily.  After reading the following article by Lola Butcher of the Los Angeles Times, I’m beginning to think I need to invest in a home blood pressure monitoring unit:


I discovered a great resource for high blood pressure patients. The American Heart Association has a web page that features videos, quizzes, illustrations and a wealth of information:


The American Heart Association website has videos on blood pressure medication, menu minefields, and stroke and heart attack warning signs. Just for fun, play the animation of Hiram B. Presher or HBP. You’ll find he’s quite annoying.