“Active Surveillance” continues for yours truly. A week ago, I had another visit with my urologist. We are tracking my prostate cancer, discovered in September, 2008.  After a multitude of up-and-down PSA readings, and a couple of prostate biopsies, a small, organ-confined, low-grade cancer was found. I decided, along with my urologist, to undergo active surveillance. The process is simple. Every four months, I endure a PSA test and digital rectal exam. If there are no abnormalities, I go another four months.

This time, my PSA was 5.57, a slight jump from last September. My prostate felt normal, so we decided to schedule another appointment in May.  On the negative side, my doctor observed that I had gained a few “holiday pounds.”  That’s clearly not acceptable to me.  I need to lose a few more pounds and continue eating a diet rich in vegetables, fruit and whole grains. My blood pressure was a bit high….so I need to bite the bullet and get back to basics!My hope is that by keeping slim, getting upper-body workouts and eating the right foods, I will have a better chance to battle my cancer.

The question you may be asking is should I just have my prostate removed? There’s a very good argument in favor of prostate removal. At least you know the cancerous gland has been yanked out. Prostate removal can result in sexual and urinary side effects, though, and PSA tests would continue to see if there is still cancer.

My doctor wants me to have another prostate biopsy in September. I have a feeling that the next biopsy will give us a good clue whether the cancer continues to be small and low-grade or whether it’s growing and becoming more aggressive.  At that point, I should know if treatment, whether radiation or prostate removal, is in the immediate future.

As I have written elsewhere in my blog, if you are diagnosed with early prostate cancer, you will likely have a comfortable time frame in which to discuss treatment options with your urologist and family.

So the waiting game continues for this blogger. In the meantime, I will continue to work to make this a fun and educational blog for baby boomer men and the women who love them. Please suggest ideas by e-mailing me at scottguythingblog@gmail.com. I want this to be your blog.