I don’t have an “oops” category on my blog. If I did, this post would probably qualify.  Let’s say a baby boomer finally agrees to a vasectomy. After the procedure, he’s free of sperm, correct? Not really. He needs to schedule a follow-up test.

The following article in HealthDay opened my eyes to a problem that can occur without adequate follow-up:


I’ve yet to experience a vasectomy, but I’m amazed that, according to the article, nearly 50 percent of men who undergo the “clip treatment” don’t return for a follow-up evaluation. A vasectomy, according to Dr. John K. Amory, an associate professor of medicine at University of Washington medical school, is about 99 percent effective. Those are good odds, but men need to provide a “sample” about three months later, just to make sure. As the article suggests, home semen analysis test kits could make it easier for men to avoid unwanted (post-vasectomy) pregnancies.