Talk about a great New Year’s resolution. Perhaps it’s time for you to join a fitness club or sign up to use your community weight room. Your goal may be to shed pounds and lower your blood pressure. Or you might want to make sure you’ll look good in your swim suit next summer.

If you’re overweight, it takes courage and determination to commit to an exercise program. For some, the thought of working out with younger, more muscle-bound men and women is a tad intimidating.  The Los Angeles Times explores the issue:

If you have decided to join the health club or neighborhood weight room, good for you! Remember that the weight room serves several functions. I’m reminded of  an “Etiquette”  list posted on the wall in my weight room.  It says, essentially, that the weight room can be a place to socialize or a place to quietly unwind after a busy day. The key is to respect the privacy of others. I was 40 pounds overweight on my first day in the weight room. Sure, I exercise with younger, leaner folks.  I just concentrate on my goals.