Ah, it’s the holiday season. Time to stress yourself out. Unless, deep down, you thrive on stress. Some folks do! Back in my younger days, I would wait until Christmas Eve to shop for gifts. I loved to wait until the last minute. It helped me focus. I would wait ’til midnight to wrap gifts.

Now that I’m older and wiser, I’ve changed my ways. I shop three or four days before Christmas. Okay, I still procrastinate. But for some, the holiday season can trigger stress or depression. Mayoclinic.com has some great advice on how to keep as mellow as possible during this season of decorative lights, classic carols and jam-packed shopping malls:


Sticking to a budget could be particularly stressful this season, considering the poor economy. When it comes to showing emotions or acknowledging  feelings, men have a tougher time. I guess it’s that “macho” attitude. My favorite stress buster is taking a long walk. You can clear your mind and work off all those extra holiday calories! Talking about stress, I wonder if I’ll gain weight during the holidays? That’s a whole new idea for a blog post.