Throughout this blog, I have tried to emphasize the importance of getting screened for cancer.  No guy looks forward to digital rectal exams and PSA blood draws. Yet these tests can help discover prostate cancer in its earliest stages. Men and women avoid colonoscopies. These tests probe the colon to help detect polyps, which can be cancerous. The idea is to catch a tumor early, when there’s a far better chance of cure or treatment.  You catch it late, and it’s a whole new scenario.

A report suggests improved screening is helping lower the incidence of cancer. Jay Miller writes for The Wall Street Journal:

The war against cancer will be a long one. Much work remains. The hope is that with time and a lot of research, cancer rates will plummet. All of us, not just baby boomers, need to help in this battle by getting regular medical check-ups.  In addition to getting screened for cancer, we need to recognize and report symptoms, eat healthful meals and engage in daily exercise. We all have a role to play in fighting cancer.