Want to make a New Year’s resolution? Consider adopting a pet. They say dogs are man’s best friend.  The same can be said for cats, although these two animals  have different personalities. Your dog probably jumps with joy when you return from work. Your cat may sit on an easy chair and stare at you…as if analyzing your mood. But they both give you unconditional love.

Household pets can also do wonders for your health and wellness. Webmd.com has a fascinating slide show depicting 27 ways pets can improve your health. Learn how pets can help lower your stress and anxiety levels. Discover that dogs can be trained to help people with epileptic seizures; dogs can also assist Parkinson’s Disease sufferers:


A great way to learn more about pet care is to visit The Humane Society of the United States at www.humanesociety.org. You’ll get tips on how to take care of cats, dogs, even hamsters, rats and guinea pigs!

Follow up on your New Year’s resolution. There are plenty of animals ready to become your best friend.