70 is the new 50. 50 is the new 30. Or something like that. The thinking has been that, unlike their ancestors, men and women today enter old age in better health.  Seems true to me.  Simply put, boomers and seniors are more active.  Back in the day, your grandfather may have been content sitting on the front porch sipping a cold glass of lemonade.  Today, your great-grandmother may be pumping iron at the neighborhood weight room.

But hold your horses! An article by Shari Roan in the Los Angeles Times suggests the growing problem of obesity may put a damper on this encouraging health trend:  


If the obesity epidemic grows, the cost of health care is going to take a steep jump. Public health campaigns need to focus on ways to prevent or reverse obesity. Grade school is a great place to start. Kids of today could become senior citizen marathon runners of tomorrow.