When you hear the word “psychotherapy,” you might conjure up an image of a small, cramped office located several stories above the downtown traffic jam. Inside, a patient is resting on the sofa, answering questions from a doctor. The doctor, who strangely resembles Sigmund Freud, is busy scribbling on his notepad, exploring his patient’s every thought.

In today’s world, your therapist is probably much younger than Freud. Instead of a notepad, he or she may be using a more high-tech way to monitor your progress.  The office may provide a comfortable easy chair instead of a sofa.  And, in some cases, psychotropic drugs are prescribed to help in the treatment. According to an intriguing article in HealthDay, an old-fashioned talk with your therapist may be more beneficial than a fat pay raise:


I’m hardly an expert on all things psychological, but it seems to me that, whether or not you can afford sessions with a therapist, talking out your problems will make you feel a lot better.